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Vacant Property Protection

Vacant Property Protection

Vacant properties are naturally very vulnerable. They can be taken over by squatters, invaded by local authorities and potentially, become drug dens. When there is a physical presence outside the vacant property on a consistent basis, these things simply don’t happen. It shows those that would potentially, see your property as a target, that you are not going to allow yourself to become a victim.

Your property is going to be secured, watched over and when someone tries to take advantage, we can use our authority to remove them. However, security services come in all shapes and sizes. You have to pick the right kind that has training and experience in vacant property security services.

What is Included?

  • Manned guard: Having a manned guard outside a commercial or residential property works in many ways. Firstly, you have the physically imposing presence of a guard, then you have an image of professional security that has the power to move away or prevent people from entering forcibly, thirdly you have the ability to work with the police on the ground. A manned guard can also cooperate with official authorities to prevent crimes from occurring and break-ins becoming normal, a manned guard is the best solution. Manned guards will also work with CCTV operatives, so they can communicate with the watchful eyes above and locate any issues in real-time.
  • 24-Hour Vacant Property Protection: When you need to protect a vacant property, you need security services from a security company that has experience in this field. There are many laws surrounding vacant properties, and there have been embarrassing instances whereby the squatter actually has been given the rights to squat, while the owner has been shunned by the courts. This is because very specific laws involve this kind of property. The guard will protect against vandalism, drunkenness on the property, and any misuse of the property by someone else.
  • Asset Protection: During the pandemic, many large construction projects have been put on hold. Skyscrapers in London and high-rise apartment buildings across the country have been vacant with the economic shutdown. That is why asset protection security is so vital now. Our security solutions work with CCTV operators, as well as local authorities. All of our security officers are Security Industry Authority trained, so they can spot suspicious behaviour, know when something looks wrong, and take the right actions without hesitating.
  • Key Holder Service: Maybe you are going away on holiday for a month or perhaps, going on a business trip that could take longer than expected. A key holder service allows for your property to be inaccessible while you are away.

Close Protection and Surveillance to Residential Security and Asset Protection.

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