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Manned Guards

Manned Guards

Reaching the stage of home or business ownership can take a considerable amount of time, money and energy to achieve, so watching all of your hard work get destroyed or stolen can be a truly gut-wrenching experience.

Preventing such an occurrence from troubling your life needn’t be as tricky as you might expect, as there are several options that you can explore to help prevent crime and illegal behaviour from occurring in or around your premises, with manned guards offering up the perfect solution.

Our manned guards are talented, trained professionals who remain at your premises to survey potential dangers and minimise risks, tackling any intruder without hesitation to secure your property and land against outside threats.

What Does a Manned Guard Do?

Manned guarding will help you to protect your premises from the threat of unauthorised individuals gaining access, therefore reducing the risk of theft, injury (to you or your belongings) and antisocial behaviour.

Manned guarding revolves around the concept of maintaining and hosting your own on-site guard that spends their shift watching over your premises, potentially using CCTV or other camera streams, who can then respond to potential danger as quickly as possible before the situation gets out of hand. 

A manned guard has the responsibility to cover a wide variety of tasks and commitments, including but not limited to:

  • Guarding your family or staff from injuries
  • Blocking unauthorised access to those seeking entry without valid reason
  • Reporting suspicious or illegal behaviour to the right authorities
  • Searching and investigating regularly to spot and resolve any potential dangers
  • Minimising the risk of property damage and unlawful behaviour on your premises

Can a Manned Guard Deter Criminals?

Having the risk of being captured on CCTV cameras may not put a criminal off from attempting to enter your premises as it can be easy to cover your face, yet seeing a manned guard who is poised and ready to chase them down is more than likely going to be the best deterrent you can invest in.

Cameras can have blind spots and most often cannot move or change direction, whereas static guards are able to investigate your entire premises on foot, checking inside cupboards, wardrobes and more to achieve optimal security.

A manned guard is able to psychically follow any unauthorised visitor, tracking them down to see what they’re up to and utilising years of training to resolve the situation without too much danger.

Guards must sustain good fitness levels to have the strength and stamina needed to capture and hold a criminal should a theft or damage occur.

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