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Key Holding Service

It can be extremely tough to find the time to check on your business premises or residential property on a regular basis throughout the day, and this can cause all manner of negative thoughts and worst-case-scenarios to whizz around your mind as you try to focus.

There are so many risks that threaten to turn your life upside down, from theft and robbery to nature based catastrophes like floods and fires, and it can seem impossible to put a stop to such occurrences despite your best efforts.

Finding a way to secure your commercial and residential properties without having to spend considerable time and energy doing so can be tough, but luckily that’s where a key holder service can come in super handy to fulfil your needs.

What is Key Holding?

Key holding is a term that describes the process of handing over the keys to your property to a certified keeper who can keep your keys in a safe, secure location to minimise risk.

This could be a member of your own staff that you know and trust, or a specialist key holder from our team of reliable, respected professionals.

Key holding is essential when seeking to monitor and protect your premises when you aren’t around, and having a trusted individual to monitor and maintain your property can offer up considerable peace of mind that you’re in good hands no matter how far away from your assets you may be.

Several scenarios can benefit from the support of a registered key holder, including:

  • Caring for essential keys that you cannot entrust to others
  • Storing important keys off-site to reduce risk
  • Visiting your premises when smoke and fire alarms are triggered to identify issues and reset the system
  • Keeping premises secure during terms of vacation or holidays
  • Responding to security threats seen on CCTV or motion sensor systems

One of the most important features that you must seek in a key holding company is reliability and authenticity.

Feeling as though you cannot trust your key holder will leave you with even more stress, so why not get in touch with a member of our team at ITUS Security Solutions.

Our team has been commended on many occasions for their commitment to good honest work, and previous clients feel confident investing their trust in our key holder service.

Our Key Holder Benefits

We strive to protect your commercial or residential premises as we would our own, paying extra attention to detail to make sure your property can thrive and flourish rather than come crashing down as soon as you head out of town or simply sign off for the evening.

Deciding to enlist the support of our specialist key holders can upgrade your security like never before, allowing you to reduce the dangers associated with owning and operating your own premises with ease.

Many risks threaten to negatively impact upon your home or business no matter where you reside, so there’s no better time than right now to start addressing and combating these potentially dangerous scenarios for the sake of your profits or family members.

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