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Event Security

Get Professional Security Services for Parties and Public Gatherings

Events create unique security challenges. Large gatherings at unfamiliar locations increase the probability of security breaches over and above regular premises. Furthermore, large congregations of people make it more challenging to track down and intercept individual malicious actors. 

At ITUS Security Solutions, we design our event security services to provide both you, your staff and your assets with full protection. Our operatives continuously monitor your equipment and make sure that unauthorised personnel do not access restricted areas. We operate in the background, providing both overt and covert security to keep both you and everyone else at the gathering safe.

Event Security Services

Event security involves a range of factors, all of which ITUS Security Solutions can assist you with. These include:

  • Event Security Consulting: Hiring security for your events is all well and good. But you need to know the type of security you need for the best results. For instance, sometimes, you need to place guards on the doors and ensure that only authorised people enter the venue. Other times, you need guards who are able to protect you against protestors (for instance, if you’re speaking on a controversial subject).
  • Bag Checking: If you are organising a large gathering, you may need us to check bags before people enter your venue. Our staff respectfully and thoroughly ensure that guests do not carry any weapons or dangerous items into your events.
  • Crowd Management: Crowds can have the potential to be dangerous and volatile. Surges create a crush risk which can cause serious injury. We help you put together a crowd management plan to minimise risk of injury and prevent cramming into small areas.

Thanks to our in-house security consulting, you can also discuss with us the level of security that you need for an event. We can help you run through the types of security risks you face and the kind of security setup that can mitigate them.

Choose ITUS Security Solutions For Event Security

Here is why should you use ITUS Security Solutions as your event security provider:

Security Solutions For All Events

When it comes to event security, we take a personalised approach. No two events are the same, so we always consult with you about your requirements in depth beforehand.

With us, you get a comprehensive security solution that accommodates your specific circumstances.

Professional Operatives

ITUS only supplies Security Industry Authority (SIA)-trained operatives. Thus, you can rest assured that every professional you receive through us has gone through the proper channels and understands how to manage security at events.

Don’t leave it to chance by going elsewhere.


Every event is different. That’s why we always provide an initial consultation where we can get a better picture of the types of threats you face. We then recommend the services that we feel you might need.

That way, you can guarantee maximum safety at your event.

Close Protection and Surveillance to Residential Security and Asset Protection.

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