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Discover The Threats You Face and How You Can Mitigate Them

The purpose of security consultants is simple: to identify and characterise the level of threat you, your assets or your organisation faces. At ITUS Security Solutions, we help customers, both large and small, identify their security requirements and get the protection they need to keep themselves safe. 

You can think of consultants in security firms as performing a similar role to insurance agents. Just like insurance agents, our job is to identify the level of risk you face and then provide protection against losses. However, unlike insurance companies, we don’t wait for disasters to strike. Instead, we prevent them from happening in the first place.

Our Consultancy Service

ITUS Security Solutions security consulting helps you improve your current security arrangements.

  • Review Your Existing Security Arrangements - Not sure whether your existing security arrangements are sufficient? As your security consultants, we review your current setup, looking for holes in your provision. After we carry out our assessment, we make recommendations for the level of cover you require. Importantly, we alert you to dangerous gaps that criminals and malicious actors could exploit.
  • Get Advice On Enhancing Your Security - Do you have the nagging sense that you need to beef up your security? If so, we can show you how. Our unbiased agents first examine your current setup and then recommend additional elements that you could include. With us, enhancing security for people, assets, and buildings is easy.
  • Improve Your Crisis Management - Crises can occur. When they do, they can cause damage to both people and property. Our consulting services help you better prepare and react to these events, allowing you to mitigate the challenges that you face.
  • Find Out What Services You Need - We provide a raft of services designed to protect you. Unfortunately, you don’t always know what you need. Services can include surveillance, security guards, patrols, asset protection and crisis management.

We help by showing you the security arrangements that suit your situation the best. We provide you with best-practice for your industry, balancing the cost of services against the threats you face.

Outstanding Security Consultants

Here are some of the reasons our customers love our security consulting services.

Bespoke Advice

At ITUS Security Solutions, we know that no two customers are the same. That’s why we offer a personalised approach, designed to provide only the security advice that you need. We use a robust, methodological process, making it clear which security services might benefit you, and which won’t.

Comprehensive Approach

ITUS Security Solutions is more than just a consulting firm. We also provide services in the real world. So if you discover via our consulting services that you require additional protection, we can help.

Massive Experience

For us, security consulting grew out of the other services that we offer. We have massive experience in the field that we use to advise on practically every security-related situation you or your organisation might encounter.

Close Protection and Surveillance to Residential Security and Asset Protection.

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