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Bodyguard Protection

Bodyguard Protection for High-Profile People

Looking over your shoulder all the time and worrying about a mugging, kidnapping or assault can be very taxing, but also entirely avoidable. That’s why ITUS Security Solutions provides a range of close bodyguard protection services – designed to protect you against all external threats. 

High-profile people, such as VIPs, diplomats, media and music personalities and professional business people face the risk of physical harm daily, especially in public spaces. Criminals, for instance, may try to kidnap you to extract ransom payments. They may also try to assault you for political or ideological motives. 

ITUS Security Solutions stands as your first line of defence, protecting you when attacks happen while deterring them at the same time. Our close protection and surveillance services have you covered.

Get Close Protection and Achieve Peace of Mind

Primarily, getting close protection is all about achieving peace of mind, protecting your life and wellbeing, and ensuring that you are able to continue providing value to whoever you serve.

Many companies claim to provide a high level of close protection, but ITUS Security Solutions has the credentials and service history to back it up. 

All of our operatives are Security Industry Authority (SIA) trained. This certification means that they meet the standards required by the government to provide private security to high-value people via security companies.

We work closely with music stars, actors, celebrities, high-profile business people, politicians and diplomats to ensure their continued safety.

The Highest Calibre Close Protection

We understand that close protection is an art. It involves lots of waiting, planning and careful monitoring. We also understand that it requires a great deal of flexibility.

Our operatives are always focused on protecting you, no matter who you are, the level of threat you face, or where you need to go.

We accommodate your lifestyle and ensure that you’re protected, whether travelling through airports, spending time in clubs, or resting for the night in a hotel. 

As always, we work in a team to provide close protection. We aim to have eyes and ears everywhere so that we don’t miss a trick.

We not only provide physically close security protection, but also monitoring and surveillance of the wider area as well.

Choose ITUS Security Solutions For Close Protection

At ITUS, we believe we offer the best private close security and bodyguard solutions available. Here are some of the reasons we’re so highly regarded:

Services That Revolve Around You

Close protection and bodyguard services should blend into the background, providing security while you go about your business. Our operatives adapt to your lifestyle, enabling you to live freely while getting the security you need.

Use Us However You Like

Sometimes you only need close protection for a few hours. Other times, you need it for a week, a month or more. Whatever your needs, we’re here to help. We work around you to provide full coverage and protection.

Trained SIA Operatives

We only use trained SIA operatives for your peace of mind. All our agents have a high level of training and have a knack for spotting and eliminating danger before it affects you.

Close Protection and Surveillance to Residential Security and Asset Protection.

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