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Commercial Security

Manned guarding will help you to protect your premises from the threat of unauthorised individuals gaining access, therefore reducing the risk of theft, injury and antisocial behaviour

Event Security Services

At ITUS Security Solutions, we design our event security services to provide both you, your staff and your assets with full protection

Domestic Security

Looking after your family is always a main priority, and you likely feel the responsibility to do all that you can to keep your loved ones out of harm’s way

Who we are

Providers of professional
security services

ITUS Security Solutions offers a wide range of security services from Close Protection and Surveillance to Residential Security and Asset Protection.

We have over 20 years security experience worldwide, specialising in: Diplomatic and High Profile protection, Specialist Security, Protective and Evidence Gathering Surveillance, Event and Media Security and Residential Security.

ITUS Security Solutions offers a personal and professional approach to suit our clients’ requirements throughout the UK. Get in touch today.

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About Itus

Over 20 Years of
Security Experience.

Close Protection and Surveillance to Residential Security and Asset Protection.

We take pride in providing only the best security services projects throughout the United Kingdom. Our success has allowed us to branch into three regions: Essex, Manchester and the Midlands.

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  • Residential, Personal or Commercial Protection
  • Events security
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